All early psychosis treatment programs are aimed at recovery, but some have specific focuses. Some seek to detect the earliest symptoms and offer treatment before a full episode occurs. Other programs focus on helping young people get back on track after a first episode. And, some programs offer support across the spectrum.

You can find the nearest treatment program on the map below, or download a list of programs.


Psychosis Treatment Tracker

Treatment Program List


If there is not a program near you, we recommend contacting the nearest one for treatment recommendations in your local area. Your nearest university-based mental health clinic, research lab or state mental health agency may also be helpful in recommending local providers.

Not in the U.S.?  Please check out this international listing.  If we can be helpful, please get in touch.

The best chance for altering the discouraging prognosis may be to intervene aggressively at the first episode of psychosis, before functional abilities are lost. Tom Insel, Former Director, National Institute of Mental Health

The 150+ treatment programs in the United States today represent a meaningful step toward the prevention of disability associated with untreated psychosis. And yet, with 100,000 young Americans facing psychosis for the first time each year, it is not enough.

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