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Early treatment is #changingfutures for young people w/ #psychosis. Learn how & join the movement at @P4SM

#Psychosis is more common, & more treatable, than commonly assumed. Learn about hope & help @P4SM

We can’t get help for what we don’t understand: Learn how early trtmt 4 #psychosis is #changingfutures. @P4SM

Being *you,* whatever that means in this moment, is good enough. As a matter of fact, it’s just perfect. –@P4SM #endstigma #selflove

Brain disorders don’t have to be the chronic disorders of the young. Learn how early treatment is #changingfutures at

Experienced #psychosis? You’re not alone: 100k Americans experience 1st episode each yr. Learn where to get help at

#Psychosis is a treatable condition. Earlier treatment = brighter futures.

When in doubt, treat your head like the rest of your body: Get help early. Earlier treatment = brighter futures.

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